Podcast Episodes on Art, Ecology, and Spirituality

Sam Mickey

During the first two years of our Spotlights podcast, one of the topics we have covered is the intersection of art, ecology, and spirituality, featuring interviews with Christina Conklin (episode 1.26), Nicole Dixon (ep. 2.8), and Johnna Arnold (ep. 2.18). In case you missed those episodes, it's never too late to catch up on them. Spotlights will feature more artistic perspectives in the next round of episodes for our third season.  

You can watch or listen to the episodes below.

An archive of previous episodes can be found here, with audio versions here and anywhere podcasts are available (e.g., Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, etc.).


Christina Conklin (listen to the audio version here)



Nicole Dixon (listen to the audio version here)



Johnna Arnold (listen to the audio version here)