Critical Theory, Race, and the Environmental Humanities

Sam Mickey

Critical theory and critical race theory are in the news a lot lately. In this episode of Spotlights, we feature clips from two of our previous episodes that address what these theories are, why they are important, and what they have to do with ideas and practices in the environmental humanities. First, we hear from Celina Osuna, PhD, Assistant Director of the Desert Humanities Initiative at Arizona State University's Institute for Humanities Research. She talks about critical theory, the power of language, and the challenges of avoiding gatekeeping and inaccessible jargon. Then we hear from Tyler Tully, doctoral candidate in religious studies at the University of Oxford. Tyler talks specifically about the importance of critical race theory for studies of religion and ecology.

For the full episodes for each interviewee:
Celina Osuna's episode is available here.
Tyler Tully's episode is available here.

You can watch the episode below or listen to it here.

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