Solstice Greetings!

Tara C. Trapani

This past Sunday,  the Summer Solstice arrived in the northern hemisphere, and at sunrise on Saturday, Paul Winter performed his 26th Annual Summer Solstice Concert. The concert was virtual and livestreamed from his barn in Connnecticut, due to the pandemic. It was a joyous welcome for this vibrant season of solar infusion. In addition to Paul, the peformers included vocalist Theresa Thomason, cellist Eugene Friesen, Brazilian pianist Henrique Eisenmann, and bassoonist Jeff Boratko. The concert is still available to view here, with the purchase of an on-demand ticket.

We at the Forum wanted to celebrate the arrival of the summer months by sharing with you some of the music Paul has played at his solstice concerts over the years, beginning with the gentle, contemplative Hymn to the Sun, and ending with the exuberant, uplifting The Rain is Over and Gone, featuring the glorious voice of Theresa Thomason. And for an immersive experience, we've also included a full midsummer concert he performed in the barn last August. We hope you enjoy these musical offerings.


“Hymn to the Sun” ~ Sun Singer ~ 1982


The Rain Is Over And Gone” ~ Everybody Under the Sun: Voices of Solstice (The Singers)


August Morning Music ~ A Midsummer Morning's Dream ~ August 1, 2020