Earth Day Special Episode of NPR’s Living on Earth

Tara C. Trapani


This week, we wanted to highlight the recent Earth Day episode of NPR’s Living on Earth podcast, titled: “The Way Forward For People And Our Planet: An Earth Day Special.” Living on Earth is hosted by Steve Curwood and created by PRX, makers of shows such as This American Life, The World, and TED Talks Daily.


From the NPR site: 

As Living on Earth celebrates 30 years on the air, we share an Earth Day special that examines this decisive moment for the human species and our challenging relationship with our planet. We meet people who envision a future reshaped by an emerging energy system and new power structures, as we wean off of fossil fuels. Next we take a big-picture view of Earth as a complex and sustaining organism known as Gaia. Over billions of years life has interacted with the elements of this planet in cycles of constant change and adaptation. With the help of deep ecologists, children, an astronaut and more, we survey our place on this ever-evolving living planet. And while science and policy are vital in building a more sustainable world, they can't convey the values we need as we strive for ecological harmony. Indigenous stories, holy scriptures, East Asian cosmologies, papal encyclicals and divine revelation all shed light on our duties and relationship to each other and to our common home. 


Access this special Earth Day episode (April 23, 2021) here.



In this 2018 talk at Harvard, Steve Curwood explains the impetus for creating the Living on Earth podcast.