Engaged Projects

The Ava Project
From the project site: 
The Zoroastrians revere water and all creations. Our traditional philosophy and practices of water conservation regain significance in a world facing acute water shortage. Our collective hopes lie in our ability to understand their continuities in contemporary practice. In the Ava Project, we have curated resources that take us closer to the synergy between reverence to nature, ecology, and human action. The Tankas, for instance, created and used by the Parsis in Bharuch, Gujarat is a testament to cross-cultural exchanges and adaptations as Zoroastrians carried their ancient wisdom of conservation of water from Persia to India to live in India. We invite you to explore these resources and participate in our endeavor to give social, cultural, and technical attention to Zoroastrian philosophy and practices of sustainability and water conservation.


Header photo: Launch of the Zoroastrian Faith Hill at Shri Balaji Temple in Dudley, UK, 2013; Credit: ZTFE / Paresh Solanki/Creative Commons