Sikhism and the Environment

The Sikh scripture declares that the purpose of human beings is to achieve a blissful state and be in harmony with all creation…In Sikh beliefs, a concern for the environment is part of an integrated approach to life and nature. As all creation has the same origin and end, humans must have consciousness of their place in creation and their relationship with the rest of creation. Humans should conduct themselves through life with love, compassion and justice. Becoming one and being in harmony with God implies that humans endeavor to live in harmony with all of God's creation… The emphasis is on mastery over the self and the discovery of the self; not mastery over nature, external forms and beings. Sikhism teaches against a life of conspicuous, wasteful consumption… The Gurus taught humans to be aware of and respect the dignity in all life, whether human or not. Such a respect for life can only be fostered where one can first recognize the Divine spark within oneself, see it in others, cherish it, nurture and fulfill it.

Dr. Rajwat Singh, “Environmental Theology in Sikhism
“Let’s Save the Future”
Sikh Human Rights Group’s Environmental Position Statement (2021)

“The Sikh Statement in Nature”
World Wildlife Fund



Header photo: A page from the janam-sākhīs (literally ‘birth testimonies’) or prose hagiographies of Gurū Nānak©British Library