Engaged Projects

Engaged projects in religion and ecology refers to the activities of community organizations and religious institutions that are inspiring and grounding environmental concerns in practical programs, outreach, and education. These projects generally incorporate religious traditions as part of their environmental philosophy drawing on particular scriptures, symbols, and rituals. Engaged projects range from Learning Centers and Retreat Centers to Organic Farms and Alternative Energy Communities.

Engaged Projects in Cambodia

Mlup Baitong, Buddhism and Environment Program

Engaged Projects in Europe

Eco-Dharma Centre

Engaged Projects in the Himalayas


Engaged Projects in Sri Lanka


Engaged Projects in Thailand

Thai Ecology Monks

Engaged Projects in the United States of America

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
Buddhism and Ecology Conference
Earth Sangha
Green Gulch Farm (a project of the San Francisco Zen Center)
Green Sangha
One Earth Sangha
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Upaya Zen Center
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

International Engaged Projects

Buddhist Global Relief
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Dharma Gaia Trust
Dharma Teachers International Collaborative on Climate Change
International Network of Engaged Buddhists
Transcendence and Sustainability: Asian Visions with Global Potential (Transsustain)


Header photo: Cambodian monks ordaining trees, ©Chantal Elkin, Courtesy of ARC