Indigenous Volume

Religions of the World and Ecology Series

Indigenous Traditions and Ecology Volume

John Grim, ed.


Table of Contents


Preface Lawrence E. Sullivan
Series Foreword Mary Evelyn Tucker and John A. Grim
Introduction John A. Grim
Prologue Richard Nelson
Chapter 1 Fragmented Communities
“Intellectual Property Rights and the Sacred Balance: Some Spiritual Consequences from the Commercialization of Traditional Resources”
Darrell Addison Posey

“Contextualizing the Environmental Struggle”
Tom Greaves

“In the Eye of the Storm: Tribal Peoples of India”
Pradip Prabhu

“Shoot the Horse to Get the Rider: Religion and Forest Politics in Bentian Borneo”
Stephanie Fried

Chapter 2 Complex Cosmologies
“Nature and Culture: Problematic Concepts for Native Americans”
Jack D. Forbes

“Local Knowledges, Global Claims: On the Significance of Indigenous Ecologies in Sarawak, East Malaysia”
J. Peter Brosius

“Is Indigenous Spiritual Ecology Just a New Fad? Reflections on the Historical and Spiritual Ecology of Hawai’i”
Leslie E. Sponsel

“The Road to Heaven: Jakaltek Maya Beliefs, Religion, and the Ecology”
Victor D. Montejo

“Tapu, Mana, Mauri, Hau, Wairua: A Mäori Philosophy of Vitalism and Cosmos”
Manuka Henare

Chapter 3 Embedded Worldviews
“The Sacred Egg: Worldview, Ecology, and Development in West Africa”
Ogbu U. Kalu

“Melanesian Religion, Ecology, and Modernization in Papua New Guinea”
Simeon B. Namunu

“Interface between Traditional Religion and Ecology among the Igorots”
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

“Religion, Ritual, and Agriculture among the Present-Day Nahua of Mesoamerica”
Javier Galicia Silva

“The Life and Bounty of the Mesoamerican Sacred Mountain”
María Elena Bernal-García

“Calabash Trees and Cacti in the Indigenous Ritual Selection of Environments for Settlement in Colonial Mesoamerica”
Angel Julián García Zambrano

“Warao Spiritual Ecology”
Werner Wilbert

Chapter 4 Resistance and Regeneration
“Hunting, Nature, and Metaphor: Political and Discursive Strategies in James Bay Cree Resistance and Autonomy”
Harvey A. Feit

“Sovereignty, Swaraj, and Secession: Adivasi Encounters with Modernity and Majority”
Smitu Kothari

“Respecting the Land: Religion, Reconciliation, and Romance—An Australian Story”
Diane Bell

“Kumarangk: The Survival of a Battered People”
Tom Trevorrow and Ellen Trevorrow

“Contemporary Native American Responses to Environmental Threats in Indian Country”
Tirso A. Gonzales and Melissa K. Nelson

Chapter 5 Liberative Ecologies
“A Guest on the Table: Ecology from the Yup’ik Eskimo Point of View”
Ann Fienup-Riordan

“Learning from Ecological Ethnicities: Toward a Plural Political Ecology of Knowledge”
Pramod Parajuli

“Changing Habits, Changing Habitats: Melanesian Environmental Knowledge”
Mary N. MacDonald

“Indigenous Education and Ecology: Perspectives of an American Indian Educator”
Gregory Cajete

“Andean Cosmovision and the Nurturing of Biodiversity”
Julio Valladolid and Frédérique Apffel-Marglin


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