Daoism Volume

Religions of the World and Ecology Series

Daoism and Ecology Volume

N. J. Girardot, James Miller, and Liu Xiaogan, eds.


Table of Contents


Series Preface Lawrence E. Sullivan
Series Foreword Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim


Notes on Terms



Duncan Ryuken Williams
Chapter 1

Framing the Issues
“‘Daoism’ and ‘Deep Ecology’: Fantasy and Potentiality”
Jordan Paper

Ecological Questions for Daoist Thought: Contemporary Issues and Ancient Texts”
Anne D. Birdwhistell

‘Nature’ as Part of Human Culture in Daoism”
Michael LaFargue

Daoism and the Quest for Order”
Terry F. Kleeman

Sectional Discussion: What Can Daoism Contribute to Ecology?”
James Miller

Chapter 2

Ecological Readings of Daoist Texts
“Daoist Ecology: The Inner Transformation. A Study of the Precepts of the Early Daoist Ecclesia”
Kristofer Schipper

The Daoist Concept of Central Harmony (Zhonghe) in the Scripture of Great Peace: Human Responsibility for the Maladies of Nature”
Lai Chi-tim

‘Mutual Stealing Among the Three Powers’ in the Scripture of Unconscious Unification”
Zhang Jiyu and Li Yuanguo

Ingesting the Marvelous: The Daoist’s Relationship to Nature According to Ge Hong”
Robert Ford Campany

Sectional Discussion: What Ecological Themes Are Found in Daoist Texts?”
James Miller, Richard G. Wang, and Ned Davis

Chapter 3

Daoism and Ecology In A Cultural Context
“Flowering Apricot: Environmental Practice, Folk Religion, and Daoism”
E. N. Anderson

In Search of Dragons: The Folk Ecology of Fengshui”
Stephen Field

An Introductory Study on Daoist Notions of Wilderness”
Thomas H. Hahn

Salvation in the Garden: Daoism and Ecology”
Jeffrey F. Meyer

Sectional Discussion: How Successfully Can We Apply the Concepts of Ecology to Daoist Cultural Contexts?”
John Patterson and James Miller

Chapter 4

Toward a Daoist Environmental Philosophy
“From Reference to Deference: Daoism and the Natural World” David L. Hall

The Local and the Focal in Realizing a Daoist World”
Roger T. Ames

‘Responsible Non-Action’ in a Natural World: Perspectives from the Neiye, Zhuangzi, and Daode jing”
Russell Kirkland

Metic Intelligence or Responsible Non-Action? Further Reflections on the Zhuangzi, Daode jing, and Neiye”
Lisa Raphals

Non-Action and the Environment Today: A Conceptual and Applied Study of Laozi’s Philosophy”
Liu Xiaogan

Sectional Discussion: What Are the Speculative Implications of Early Daoist Texts for an Environmental Ethics?”
Russell B. Goodman with James Miller

Chapter 5

Practical Ecological Concerns in Contemporary Daoism
“Respecting the Environment/Visualizing Highest Clarity”
James Miller

A Declaration of the Chinese Daoist Association on Global Ecology”
Zhang Jiyu

Change Starts Small: Daoist Practice and the Ecology of Individual Lives. A Roundtable Discussion with Liu Ming, Rene Navarro, Linda Varone, Vincent Chu, Daniel Seitz, and Weidong Lu”
Compiled by Livia Kohn

Daoist Environmentalism in the West: Ursula K. Le Guin’s Reception and Transmission of Daoism”
Jonathan R. Herman

Sectional Discussion: Daoism: A Vital Tradition for the Contemporary Ecological Consciousness”
James Miller

Epilogue Dao Song
Ursula K. Le Guin
Bibliography James Miller, Jorge Highland, and Liu Xiaogan, with Zhong Hongzhi and Belle B. L. Tan

Notes on Contributors