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December 2, 2010
By Carol Glatz
National Catholic Reporter

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican did not endorse an 11-page final statement in favor of easing restrictions on and allowing more widespread use of genetically modified crops, especially in poorer nations, said a Vatican official.

November 30, 2010
By P. Joshua ‘Griff’ Griffin
Episcopal News Service

December 2010
By James Treat
Muscogee Nation News

The ancient Mvskoke calendar is grounded in astronomical observations. Each new year, for example, begins with posketv, the ceremony known in English as Green Corn, traditionally held around summer solstice. And the sequence of twelve hvse approximates the number of lunar months occurring in an annual period...

As the moral implications of climate change become more apparent, faith communities around the world are taking action, both personal and political.

By Nathan Rice
The Daily Climate
November 30, 2010

Give us all a reverence for the Earth as your own creation, that we may use its resources rightly in the service of others and to your honor and glory...

November 30, 2010
By Andy Coghlan
New Scientist

Scientists have both the right and a moral duty to be “stewards of God” by genetically modifying crops to help the world’s poor, scientific advisers to the Vatican said this week.

By Jeanne E. McKay
Ravenswood Media Newsletter
November 2010, Issue #11

Scotland’s religious leaders have described the West’s failure to help developing nations cope with climate change as a “moral outrage”.

BBC News, Scotland
November 28, 2010

Senior members of the country’s Christian and Islamic communities outlined their position in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron.

They urged the UK government to do all...

November 21, 2010
By Gina Farthing
News Virginian

Americans are discovering a connection between their religion and the environment – so said a documentary film called “Renewal,” produced by filmmakers Marty Ostrow and Terry Kay Rockefeller, who have created films for PBS. The movie was presented Thursday evening by Staunton Green 2020 and Transition Staunton at the...

“30 Ways in 30 Days” Showcases More Climate Change Solutions from Around the World

United Nations Environment Programme
November 19, 2010

Nairobi, Kenya - The power of building blocks to counter erosion, the effect of a more efficient cooking stove on fragile gorilla habitat, and the inspiring campaign that has registered 10 billion trees planted in four...

November 19, 2010
By James Miller
Sustainable China Blog

I was in Beijing and Tianjin recently for a week of conferences related to “ecological civilization” (shengtai wenming 生态文明) an important new buzzword, the precise meaning of which thought leaders and government officials are vying to define.