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Accounts of the nation’s ‘natural capital’ meets key demand of the UN study of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)

By Juliette Jowit
The Guardian
October 20, 2010

More than two dozen sites sacred to Native Americans are at risk of being destroyed by ‘development at any cost’

By John Schertow
The Guardian
October 18, 2010

Whether it’s an ancient burial ground, a simple cave that witnessed the birth of a language not heard in centuries or the mountain home of a spirit that brings abundance to an entire ecosystem, every culture has...

A stirring call to unite the environmental and global justice movement from Maude Barlow

By Maude Barlow
October 13, 2010

Maude Barlow gave this stirring plenary speech, full of hope even in the face of ecological disasters, to the Environmental Grantmakers Association annual retreat in Pacific Grove, California. Barlow, a former...

Area houses of worship hope to help the Chesapeake, use alternative energy

By Raven L. Hill
The Baltimore Sun
October 11, 2010

For St. James Episcopal Church, environmental activism is a religion.

The church, nestled in Parkton’s lush farmland and rolling hills, has received a Maryland Energy Administration grant to install a wind speed indicator, the first step...

October 7, 2010
By Akash Kapur
New York Times

DHUNDLI, India — About three kilometers from this village, across dirt tracks and open scrubland, there is a settlement of seven mud huts bordered by millet and lentil fields. No electricity or telephone poles run to these huts. There’s not a satellite dish to be seen.

New frogs, spiders, rodents & other critters among 200 new species discovered

October 6, 2010
Conservation International Press Release

Arlington, VA – An orange spider, a jabbing spiny-legged katydid, a white-tailed mouse and a minute long-nosed frog are among an amazing 200 new species of plants and...

October 5, 2010
United Nations Environment Programme

Mexico City/Nairobi - From creating mass markets for solar water heaters to planting trees and protecting forests, the United Nations Environment Programme will be releasing 30 case studies in the run up to the UN climate convention in Mexico to prove that solutions to combat Climate Change are available, accessible and...

October 1, 2010

Nevada (US): Hindus want the worldwide risk of water insecurity to be taken seriously.

According to a recent study, water threats include scarcity and pollution and about 3.4 billion people worldwide fall under the most severe threat category. Areas of the world inhabited by about 80 percent of world population lack secure fresh water supply. Prospect of...