Voting Catholic: Is environmental justice on the ballot?

By Erika Rasmussen
America: The Jesuit Review
October 8, 2020

Dan Misleh, executive director of Catholic Climate Covenant, does not believe in climate change. “I believe in God, something that I have not seen or directly witnessed—that’s a belief,” Mr. Misleh told Sebastian Gomes, host of the Voting Catholic podcast. “But climate change is scientific fact. I don’t ‘believe’ in it. I know it. It’s a fact.”

Mr. Misleh spoke on these facts, celebrated Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si’” and encouraged Catholics to take responsibility for the planet and mitigating climate change. The pope’s “message is that there are three relationships that are out of kilter,” Mr. Misleh said. “Our relationship with God, our relationship with one another and our relationship with nature.”

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