US Lawmakers Should Learn from Faith-Based Leaders Demanding Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

By Danny Hall
Common Dreams
September 29, 2023

It’s up to us to demand politicians demonstrate the courage and vision to speak the inconvenient truth to power that nuclear deterrence, rather than protect us, puts us at ever increasing risk of eventual nuclear use.

Earlier this week, the world observed the 10th International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons amidst the backdrop of unprecedented escalations in risk of nuclear war. Over the past two years, repeated Russian threats to use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine have dramatically weakened the “nuclear taboo.” The risk of a potentially civilization-ending nuclear war has risen to levels some experts say is at least has high as during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Rather than turning back from the brink of nuclear war, nuclear armed states are accelerating nuclear weapons spending. The U.S. alone is estimated to spend $756 billion on nuclear weapons in the next ten years.

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