Protecting the Environment: Christian Perspectives

By Nihal Abeyasingha
Dialogue (New Series) 42 & 43 (2015 & 2016):  111-148.

In an introductory section, the essay suggests that the basic attitudes in the Western world have been heavily influenced by Christian usages and metaphors. Until recently, the attitudes were anthropocentric – man at the centre, placed to dominate and subdue the rest of creation. The articles points out that this perspective changed in Roman Catholic thinking to man appointed as steward of creation, to an understanding of man in solidarity with and harmony with the rest of creation and very recently, with Pope Francis to the idea that we are all part of a whole, in communion and harming or exploiting one sector can lead to consequences for humans as well. The World Council has developed a similar perspective. In this light, a possible reading of the scriptures in regard to the non-human creation and the human role within it is read.

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