Muslims urged to embrace environmental side of Islam

By Beatrice Ekoko 
National Observer
April 16, 2021

As a continuation of a previously featured series, Faith & the Common Good looks at perspectives concerning the intersection of climate breakdown, faith and moral duty, and examines the role of religious leaders in advancing an equitable, anti-racist, life-supporting climate and world for all.

Eight years ago, Toronto-based Muslim environmentalist Muaz Nasir was looking for a way to combine his background in environmental science and his passion for community activism with the goal of furthering an Islamic perspective on the care of the Earth. He wanted to offer Muslims Canadians across the country a website they could visit if they wanted to learn from one another and share resources.

People were feeling disenfranchised, they didn’t know where to start,” Muaz recalls his thinking at the time. “And so, project Khaleafa was born.”

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