Integral Ecology Joint Diploma

Pontifical Universities and Athenaeum in Rome
March 15, 2024

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JOINT DIPLOMA IN INTEGRAL ECOLOGY by the Alliance Laudato si’ among the Pontifical Universities and Athenaeum in Rome – ENROLLMENT POSSIBLE TILL MARCH 31st

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On February 15, the second session of the Joint Diploma in Integral Ecology was held in English, the course launched last January by the alliance of Roman pontifical Universities and Athenaeum to spread knowledge and adherence to Pope Francis' Integral Ecology. More than 600 students from all over the world are currently enrolled in the online course. Given the success of the event, registrations will remain open until 31 March. The cost is only 30 euros and scholarships are available for those who need them. Late students can review the backlog of lessons on an e-learning platform so that they can apply for the Final Certificate of Attendance.

The second session dedicated to the Gospel of creation (chapter 2 of Laudato si') It was coordinated by fr. Arturo Belloq of the University of the Holy Cross. The first speech was by fr. Prem Xalxo of the Pontifical Gregorian University and coordinator of the JDEI Project in Italian. fr Xalxo has presented a wide vision of the second chapter of LS and the theological vision of our warning for the caring of the common home, explaining the connections with Laudate Deum.

The second contribution has been by Erin Lothes, Teologist, currently Director of the Laudato si’ animators program – New York. Erin explained the three levels of fundamental relationship to care about and repair: with God, with our Neighbor and with the Earth (all these together create the common good). The fundamental relations are disrupted by our presuming to take the  place of God and refusing to acknowledge our creaturely limitations this in turn distorted our mandate to have dominion over the Earth.

As the third resource person of the session, sr Sheila Kinsey former co-secretary of the commission for justice, peace and integrity of creation USG/UISG – Rome continued with this  journey of Interconnectedness. Sr Sheila was asked  to reflect on this area using the feminine imagery (”it's important to develop the feminine image of God as wisdom”) and the Franciscan Dimensions (“…develop an ecology capable of remedying the damage we have done” “the harmony which St Francis experienced with all creatures was seen as a universal reconciliation even with every creature as a way of returning back to the state of original innocence”)

The last speech – very touching – was that of fr Angelito Andig Cortez, who recounted how his work, until then carried out in the field of international relations (almost “diplomatic”) within the Commission for justice, peace and integrity of creation USG/UISG, was dramatically changed by the events of the war in the Gaza Strip to the point of leading him to the decision to stay in Israel as a Franciscan Missionary to assist the Filipino immigrant populations and more generally English speaking people. And this despite real risks to his life. The indications of Laudato si', valid even for the most extreme situations, and the example of St. Francis and his encounter with the Sultan guide him in this condition of extreme uncertainty and precariousness.

The next on-line appointment is on March 21 for the third sesson : “The human roots of the crisis” (LS chap. 3).

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ENROLLMENT ENDS MARCH 31ST The fee is moderate (30euros). For any need contact