Indigenous communities in Louisiana’s Delta overwhelmed by damage from Ida

By Emily McFarlan Miller
Religion News Service
September 1, 2021

Monique Verdin, a member of the United Houma Nation, is afraid Louisiana’s Indigenous communities will be forgotten as faith-based disaster relief groups and other aid streams to New Orleans.

(RNS) — The morning after Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, it was too soon to say how much damage had been done to the coastline’s Indigenous communities, according to Monique Verdin.

Days before, she had evacuated from St. Bernard Parish, just south of New Orleans, to Pensacola, Florida — what should have been a three-hour drive stretching to 11 as so many others also fled the path of the storm, said Verdin, a citizen of the United Houma Nation and a collaborator with Another Gulf Is Possible.

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