Global Systemic Crisis and Buddhism: Toward a Change of Paradigm

By Jordi Solé Ollé
Buddhistdoor Global
August 28, 2021

The scientific community has been issuing dire warnings about the global environmental emergency for some time now, predicting a crisis for which irrefutable evidence has been piling up for decades. The pandemic as a case of zoonosis, the collapse of ecosystems and the consequent risk of global food security, the exhaustion of material resources, and climate change place us in an unprecedented era in the history of humanity. The socio-economic paradigm that we have reached obligates us, individually and collectively, to choose between upholding our privileged position or making a change so that the planet can be inhabitable for future generations.

This change can be handled through the integrating vision of Buddhism, which entails working at three levels: group, individual, and inner. In this article, we will see how science and Buddhism go hand in hand in both group and individual actions. However, Buddhism also gives us extremely useful tools with regard to our inner worlds for navigating the crisis with a holistic and integrating vision.

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