Faith as a Pathway to Climate Action

By Anmol Irfan
Non-profit Quarterly
March 16, 2023

Across the globe, faith-based communities and movements are bridging faith with climate science, slowly leading the way to involving more people in global climate action. Here’s how leaders in the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish religions are working to encourage environmental action by returning to their faith’s original principles.

Connecting Islam and Climate Science

In 2004, following the deadly tsunami that killed over 230,000 people, the World Wildlife Fund invited environmental expert Nana Firman to Indonesia to help impacted communities rebuild. While Firman initially devoted the brunt of her efforts to involving the community in coastal rehabilitation efforts, such as replanting coastal mangroves to mitigate damage that future natural disasters could cause, she quickly realized that community members were more focused on rebuilding their lives.

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