Environmental Justice Finds a Home at Trinity

Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker ’71 and Class of 1971 Provide Start-up Funding for New Academic Program

Pres. McGuire’s Christmas Newsletter
Trinity Washington University
December 1, 2021

Thanks to the intellectual inspiration of Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker ’71 and her husband, John Grim, coupled with their generous donation and that of many classmates from 1971, Trinity recently announced the creation of the Environmental Justice minor as part of the Global Affairs program.

For Mary Evelyn and John, Trinity was the perfect place to engender a new program in Environmental Justice: “My husband, John Grim, and I are delighted by the new Environmental Justice program at Trinity. We are inspired to encourage this effort by the growing need to create a flourishing future for our planet. Young people and future generations are looking for how they can contribute to this ongoing work. We wish Trinity well in this vital endeavor.

Read the full announcement here.