Earth Charter Conference: Reimagining Education for Ecological Civilizations

Tara C. Trapani

From April 12-14, Earth Charter International will be holding a major conference at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida titled “Reimagining Education for Ecological Civilizations.” Some of the approximately 60 speakers and panelists may be familiar to Forum readers, such as Mirian Vilela, Rick Clugston, Jeremy Lent, Zhihe Wang, Peter Blaze Corcoran. Our own Mary Evelyn Tucker will be giving a talk on “Ecological Civilization and Transformative Education.”

In addition, at this event, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim will be presenting the Thomas Berry Award to three of the individuals mentioned above. Rick Clugston, Mirian Vilela, and Peter Blaze Corcoran will be receiving the award for their lifelong dedication to the Earth Charter project and the Earth community as a whole. 

From the event site:
This three-day conference builds on four previous Earth Charter Conferences focused on education for sustainability and global citizenship, and for planetary well-being. Our speakers encompass a diverse range of expertise, from renowned environmental scholars to influential authors. With profound insights and a commitment to sustainability, they will guide us in envisioning a future where education plays a pivotal role in shaping ecological civilizations.
The event will create a space to:

  • Find synergies and enhance collaboration among innovative approaches to education for change.
  • Share experiences and research in education from various settings that contribute to ecological civilization.
  • Identify new ways to reorient education towards creating ecological civilizations.
  • Provide learning opportunities for using the Earth Charter to enhance sustainability and global citizenship education.

In preparation for this conference, Earth Charter International has been holding a series of webinars titled “East and West Dialogue on Ecological Civilizations.” You can view those below. 

The conference fee is $450, and those in the Winter Park area who wish to attend can register here. For those who cannot attend, we'll be sure to share recordings from the event when they become available.