The Collected Thoughts of Thomas Berry; Part 5: Creative Celebration

Tara C. Trapani

As we shared back in October, for our 25th anniversary year, the Forum is releasing a collection of rare audio recordings of Thomas Berry in conversation with Brian Thomas Swimme.

Thus far, we've brought you:

In joyous celebration of this first day of spring, we’re very pleased to bring you Part 5: Creative Celebration.

Here is an excerpt from Sam King's introduction: 

Thomas calls us to channel these latent energies of celebration into the transformation moments of the universe, including the Great Flaring Forth, the birth of stars, and the biannual solstices marking the grand journey around the sun. In our own time, Thomas says, we must learn to celebrate the dawn of an Ecozoic era of human-Earth flourishing. For Thomas, the Ecozoic can be seen as a celebration of existence and the community relationships of human and non-human beings comprise a single, sacred society. Only through this capacity for celebration can we animate a future in which the children of all species can flourish.”

Listen to “Creative Celebration”: