Collected Thoughts of Thomas Berry: Part 4, Psychic Energy for the Great Work Ahead

Tara C. Trapani

As we shared back in October, for our 25th anniversary year, the Forum is releasing a collection of rare audio recordings of Thomas Berry in conversation with Brian Thomas Swimme.

Thus far, we've brought you:
The project Introduction by Mary Evelyn Tucker
Part 1: Where are We and How did We Get Here?, with an introduction by John Grim
Part 2: The Millennial Vision, with an introduction by Sam King
Part 3: Where Do We Go From Here?, with an introduction by Sam King
This Valentines Day, we’re very pleased to bring you Part 4: Psychic Energy for the Great Work Ahead. This month we are offering two introductions to the recording. The first by John Grim is attached to Part 4. But for a slightly different perspective, see also Sam King's introduction.

Here is an excerpt from John Grim's introduction: 

How moving to hear Thomas speak again about our human 'primordial sensitivity to the universe.'  Gazing at stars, feeling the winds’ flow, sensing the excitement of plants celebrating their growth – these experiences arise in the human and align us to cosmological energies transmitted in the creative processes of evolution. How could we have been separated from these 'Moments of Grace' when we experience the universe in ways that forever change our interior life and our outward behavior?  Brian Swimme’s questions bring Thomas’ insight into sharp focus on how we humans dimmed down our capacity for seeing the whole universe in each particular natural expression.”

Listen to “Psychic Energy for the Great Work Ahead”:

Collected Thoughts on the Thomas Berry Website


Collected Thoughts on the Forum YouTube Channel