Faith Pavilion & Activity at COP28

Tara C. Trapani


As we reported a couple of weeks ago, there is significant faith-based activity surrounding COP28, including the pre-COP Global Faith Leaders Summit that occurred in Abu Dhabi. We mentioned at that time the new Faith Pavilion at the meetings, and we're pleased now to bring you more information on this first ever faith pavilion at a world climate conference. We also want to direct you to the new Faith Pavilion website, which has a wealth of information for those attending the gathering, as well as resources for those at a distance. 

From the Faith Pavilion site:
Situated at the heart of COP28, adjacent to the World Climate Action Summit and negotiations zones, the Faith Pavilion hosts more than 65 sessions. They bring together religious and other civil society representatives, Indigenous Peoples, scientists, youth, and political leaders. The Pavilion symbolizes global and multifaith collaboration in addressing the human-made climate emergency. It facilitates intergenerational dialogue, furthers the role of religion and spirituality in the climate movement, and advocated for long-term, holistic solutions to protect the Earth and its climate. The Pavilion provides a unique opportunity for faith-based engagement with key stakeholders, including political delegations, decision makers, negotiators, and business leaders to ensure swift and effective climate action.

Here are just some of the highlights of the new site:

For those interested in the planning and development process for the Faith Pavilion, see the strategic framework

The Faith Pavilion also now has its own YouTube channel. Posted there now are a couple of videos from the Global Faith Leaders Summit, but stay tuned for additional media to be added as the event progresses. Also see our blog post on the Summit for additional videos of the event from Vatican News. 

The Pavilion is located in the blue zone in building B5. See a map with the exact location here