A New Year of Hope

Tara C. Trapani

Before we launch into 2023 tackling and talking about the environmental issues that our world is facing, we wanted to offer a spark of hope to begin this fresh, new year. 

This is not in any way ignoring the difficulties we still face or the challenges ahead of us. But to face these challenges we need a foundation of hope–solid ground on which to stand as we strive to do the great work in the service of the Earth community. 

Eco-anxiety, eco-grief, and Climate grief are running rampant in our world, and the antidote is hope–whatever gives you hope. And we share the following in the hopes that you will find some stories in these articles and posts that will help begin to rebuild or reinforce your foundation. We encourage you in the year ahead to make sure you're seeking out the joy and hope amongst your more traditional news consumption. This is essential self-care in these times. The Earth absolutely needs our concrete efforts in regards to protection and restoration of the planet. But we are intimately intertwined members of this Earth community–its health or lack thereof impacts us, and vice versa. So, it also needs our joy, our love, our lightness of heart. We hope these stories help in some small way.

This post from the Green department of EuroNews lists every positive environmentally-related story they could find for 2023. 

Positive.News provided this roundup on What Went Right in 2022: the top 25 good news stories of the year, and more than half of them are directly related to environment and climate.

Reasons to be Cheerful (a site dedicated to promoting uplifting news) gave us The Year in Cheer: 183 ways the world got better in 2022

And carrying our hope forward into this new year, Washington Post last week gave us 15 Reasons You Should Feel Hopeful About 2023 with contributions from different Post journalists and cartoonists. 


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