Festival of Faiths 2022

Tara C. Trapani

Next week is the 26th annual Festival of Faiths in Louisville, Kentucky. This year's theme is “Sacred Stories: Contemplation and Connection.” The opening ceremonies will take place Wednesday evening, November 9, and the sessions will be held Thursday-Saturday. The event is in-person and there is a fee–you can purchase a festival pass for all 4 days or tickets for individual events. 

Our co-founder and director, Mary Evelyn Tucker will be appearing Friday evening at 7:30 pm on a panel titled “Shifting the Narrative: Transforming Hearts and Minds Today and Tomorrow.” She will be in conversation with Richard Davidson, known for his work on the neural bases of emotion and human flourishing, and Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and science journalist known for his book Emotional Intelligence.

From the event site:
The 2022 Festival of Faiths, Sacred Stories: Contemplation and Connection, will celebrate the power of narratives to inspire purpose, instill a sense of belonging and define our lives. The festival will investigate old and new stories through the lens of faith and explore how our identities are shaped by associations with religion, culture, politics, heritage and more. Sessions will engage participants in the sacred work of sharing stories to illuminate both our complexity and our interdependence.

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