Faiths 4 Climate Justice: A Global, Multi-Religious Action

Tara C. Trapani

On October 17-18, GreenFaith is organizing “Faiths 4 Climate Justice: A Global, Multi-Religious Action.” Individuals and organizations around the globe are participating in this effort to have their voices heard on issues of climate justice.

From the event site: Two weeks before global climate negotiations, people of diverse religions will rise to send a message: destroying the planet is against our religions.

At temples, mosques, and churches around the globe, we’ll call for climate justice and care for the vulnerable by ringing our bells, singing, praying, meditating, calling the Azan, sounding the shofar – whatever is true to our tradition. We’ll also unfurl banners on our sacred buildings that make it clear: the time to act is now.

Dressed in religious garb, we’ll take our faiths into the streets and to our leaders’ doorsteps.  We’ll deliver our demands to political and financial leaders, hold prayer or meditation vigils outside government and bank offices, sing hymns about the climate, or take action rooted in our deepest values  

There are many ways you can participate:

You can host an action in your community. Register your event here.  For those planning events, Greenfaith has provided a resource toolkit

You can join an existing event. See the map of scheduled events here. Even if there is nothing happening in your geographic area, check the event listings for virtual opportunities.

You can spread the word and share about this global, multi-religious action on social media—use the hashtag #Faiths4Climate. You’ll find graphics for social media use here (scroll down to the bottom of the page). 

You can join Greenfaith’s climate justice global organizing call. It is being held at two different times:
September 30@11am New York/4pm London/6pm Nairobi
September 30 @ 7pm California; October 1@12pm Sydney/9am Jakarta
Go here to register for the organizing call.