Climate Anticipation Project

Tara C. Trapani

Today, we want to highlight the Climate Anticipation Project by Chris Fici. 

From the project site:
The Climate Anticipation Project gathers existent and emerging anticipatory communities into networks of anticipation for the hard seasons ahead. The Climate Anticipation Project connects anticipatory communities across the spectrum of spirituality, ecological justice, and regenerative ecology.

The practice of Anticipation is always co-creative. The mystic/mythologist Thomas Berry teaches us that “all these phenomena of the natural world fling forth to the human a challenge to be responded to in literature, in architecture, ritual, and art, in music and dance and poetry. The natural world demands a response, beyond that of rational calculation, beyond philosophical reasoning, beyond scientific insight. The natural world demands a response that rises from the wild unconscious depths of the human soul. A response that artists seek to provide in color and music and movement.”

The project offers a podcast in video and audio formats. There is also a series of written Reflections related to the project themes on the site, the most recent being “What Do We Do at the End of the World?“