Sacred Wisdom, Sacred Earth: Centering Indigenous Knowledge for Future Generations

Tara C. Trapani


Today, we're shining a spotlight on an upcoming conference: Sacred Wisdom, Sacred Earth: Centering Indigenous Knowledge for Future Generations being hosted by the Loka Initiative at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the International Mayan League. This virtual event will be held online from August 9-11 and is free and open to the general public. 

From the event site:
The convening brings together and centers Indigenous speakers and moderators from a variety of traditions, regions and backgrounds to share Indigenous ecological and spiritual knowledge as means of sustenance for all Indigenous peoples and all humanity. This event is open to the general public. The convening covers five means of sustenance: Water, Food, Medicine, Sovereignty and Spirit. In these sessions, we will explore environmental and community threats and solutions that traditionally receive minimal mainstream media attention but are powerful examples of Indigenous leadership, adaptation and community resilience. The three-day convening contains five panels; Water and Food on the first day, followed by Medicine and Sovereignty on the second day and Spirit on the morning of the third day. Each moderated panel holds an Indigenous elder, a knowledge holder (modern or traditional) and a youth leader, and will be followed by three “listening rooms” so that participants can be part of a community of practice and kinship in a deeper way with one of the speakers.


The conference and the Loka Initiative will also feature a number of wonderful Indigenous artists. You can see samples of their work on the event site, here

To see the full conference schedule, go here
Go here to register for the event.