EarthBeat: Stories of Climate, Crisis, Faith, and Action

Tara C. Trapani

Today in the blog, we highlight the work of EarthBeat: Stories of Climate, Crisis, Faith, and Action, a project of the National Catholic Reporter. 

EarthBeat's very frequent news articles on the intersection of faith and the environment are a valuable resource for anyone working in this area. Some of their recent stories include the Philippine bishops responding to the cancellation of the Kaliwa Dam Project, and their concern regarding the environmental impact and the relocation of indigenous peoples. And they published a number of pieces covering the G7 Summit, including one on the letter by the Catholic Bishops of the United Kingdom urging the G7 world leaders to place the focus on climate change and those vulnerable who are most impacted. 

You can sign up to receive a weekly digest of EarthBeat articles here, and you can always find many of their articles in the News section of the Forum site. 

They also offer occasional feature series on major topics of interest, such as the 2015 Laudato Si’ in Coal Country and the 2020 Lens on Creation, which paired nature photography with reflections on environmental work. Their Burning Questions series is a kind of FAQ of articles that respond to questions regarding faith and climate change. 

EarthBeat also provides the embeddable Interfaith ClimateTracker, a digest of Twitter posts by faith-based organizations working on environmental issues. To see the climate tracker scroll to the bottom of this page or go to @EarthBeatNCR on Twitter. 

For anyone working at the intersection of religion and ecology—particularly those with a Christian focus—EarthBeat is an extremely useful resource, and the Forum honors their valuable contribution to this work.