Thomas Berry and the Great Work

Tara C. Trapani

We've recently migrated the official Thomas Berry website to a new platform and begun enhancing the content on it even further. So, we thought we'd take the opportunity to introduce those of you who may not know about this additional website of ours to Thomas Berry and the Great Work.

The official Thomas Berry site contains a wealth of information and resources about Thomas' life, work, ideas, and legacy. In the Biography section, you'll find the full text of Thomas Berry: Reflections on His Life and Thought, a monograph written by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, as well as information on the 2019 biography from Columbia University Press, Engaged Legacy Projects inspired by Thomas,  the 2019 Georgetown University conference in his honor, Thomas' memorial service in 2009, and much more .

In the Publications section, you'll find a full listing of Thomas's books, a curated list of his essays/monographs (some with full text) and poetry, and several written transcripts of his talks. You'll also find a wealth of secondary sources written by others about Thomas, or related to his thought and ideas. We also list the available translations of a number of Thomas' works, and any publication information we have on these.

We've recently enhanced the Multimedia section of the site with a curated list of videos of Thomas (Talks, Interviews, and Poetry) and videos about Thomas (Talks and Panels, Tributes and Reflections) that you can view right on the site (they are also available through the Forum YouTube channel). In addition, you'll find a collection of audio tracks of Thomas speaking at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York City from 1976-1994.

We also offer a collection of Quotes from some of Thomas' most well-known volumes, organized by book. And we provide information on the Thomas Berry Foundation, which seeks to carry out the Great Work of Thomas in enhancing the flourishing of the Earth community, including presenting the Thomas Berry Award to 21 worthy recipients from 1998 to the present day.

We hope that Thomas Berry and the Great Work will enhance your engagement not only with the life and work of Thomas Berry, but with his continuing and evolving legacy through the many he has inspired.


The Celebratory Liturgy of the Universe”
A Conversation between Thomas Berry and Miriam MacGillis of Genesis Farm, filmed at the Riverdale Center on May 29, 1991.