Sample Course Content

Here you will find excerpts from some of the original interviews found in the courses, providing a taste of the content you will receive when you register. 

Introduction to Religions and Ecology

Lily Zeng on Sacred Groves and Holy Hills
From the guest lecture “Problemitizing Ideas of 'Purity' and 'Timelessness' in the Conservation Narratives of Sacred Groves”

Indigenous Religions and Ecology

Tiokasin Ghosthorse on Traditional Ecological Knowledge
From the interview “Lakota Consciousness and Ecological Relationships”

Tiokasin Ghosthorse on Modern Environmentalism
From the interview “Lakota Consciousness and Ecological Relationships”

Multitemporality in Mapuche Shamanism with Ana Mariella Bacigalupo
From the interview “South American Shamanism and Indigenous Cosmopolitics”

Kaitiakitanga and the Transgenerational Community of the Māori With Krushil Watene
From the interview “Māori Knowledge and Indigenous Landscapes in New Zealand”

East Asian Religions and Ecology

Rev. Munemichi Kurozumi on Amaterasu Omikami, the Shinto Sun Goddess
From the interview “Kurozumikyo and the Ecological Dimensions of Shinto”

Dekila Chungyalpa on How Faith Can Positively Impact Our Behavior
From the interview “Wisdom, Compassion, and Environmental Practices in Tibetan Buddhism”

“Human-wildlife conflict is fundamentally human-human conflict” with Gao Yufang
From the guest lecture “Wisdom, Compassion, and Environmental Practices in Tibetan Buddhism”


Views of Nature in the Analects with Annping Chin
From the interview “Commentary on Passages in the Analects”

South Asian Religions and Ecology

Forest Movements of South Asia with Prasenjit Duara 
From the interview “Indigenous History and Environmental Movements in Asia”


Acharya Srivatsa Goswami on Ecological Efforts in Vrindavan
From the interview “Hindu Devotionalism and Religious Ecology at Krishna’s Birthplace”


Christianity and Ecology

“What is Eco-womanism?” with Melanie Harris
From the interview “Eco-womanism, Ecological Memory, and Womanist Theology”

Western Religions and Ecology

Everett Gendler on “The Rapture and the Responsibilty”
From the interview “
Judaism, Social Justice, and Religious Environmentalism”

“Listening to the Natural World” with Willie Jennings
From the interview “The Christian Doctrine of Creation: Reimagining an Animate and Communicative World”