Eco-anxiety Resources

Grounded: A Guided Journal to Help You Reconnect with the Power of Nature—and Yourself
By Patricia H. Hasbach. Simon & Schuster, 2022.
Generation Dread: Finding Purpose in an Age of Climate Crisis
By Britt Wray. Penguin Random House, 2022.
Exploring Climate Change and Mental Health: An Educational Toolkit
By Natania Abebe. BCC Campus Pressbooks, 2022. Learn more here.
Warmth: Coming of Age at the End of Our World
By Daniel Sherrell. Penguin, 2021.
All the Feelings Under the Sun: How to Deal With Climate Change
Children’s book by Leslie Davenport. Illustrations by Jessica Smith. American Psychological Association, 2021.
World as Lover, World as Self

By Joanna Macy. 30th anniversary edition. Parallax Press, 2021.
A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety

By Sarah Jaquette Ray. University of California Press, 2020.
Words for a Dying World: Stories of Grief and Courage from the Global Church
Edited by Hannah Malcolm. SCM Press, 2020.
Climate Psychology: On Indifference to Disaster
Edited by Paul Hoggett. Springer, 2019.

Emotional Resiliency in the Era of Climate Change: A Clinician’s Guide
By Leslie Davenport. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017.
Environmental Melancholia: Psychoanalytic dimensions of engagement
By Renee Lertzman. Routledge, 2016.
Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy
By Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone. New World Library, 2011.
Despair and Personal Power in the Nuclear Age
By Joanna Macy. New Society Publishers, 1983.


“Mental Health and Climate Change: Policy Brief”
World Health Organization. ‎2022.
“Climate Change Sparks Emotional Responses: American Climate Perspectives Survey 2022. Vol II. Part II”
By M. Speiser, A. N. Hill, and K. Catalano. ecoAmerica. May 2022.
“Mental Health and Our Changing Climate: Impacts, Inequities, Responses”
By Susan Clayton, Christie Manning, Meighen Speiser, and Alison Hill. American Psychological Association, Climate for Health, and ecoAmerica. 2021.
“The Rise of Eco-anxiety”
By Sacha Wright, Vida Han, and Clover Hogan. Force of Nature. March 2021.
“Cooler Earth – Higher Benefits: Actions by those who care about children, climate and finance”
By Frederique Seidel and Emmanuel de Martel. 2nd edition. World Council of Churches. 2021.
“Climate Changes Mental Health”
By Nicole Hill and Robert Perkowitz. Journal of Environmental Health (July/August 2022): 38-39.
“How can we help kids cope with ‘eco-anxiety’?”
By Josie Glausiusz. BBC. April 22, 2022.
“5 Things That Can Alleviate Your Eco-Anxiety”
By Dekila Chungyalpa. Psychology Today. April 19, 2022. 
“Children and Climate Anxiety: An Ecofeminist Practical Theological Perspective”
By Joyce Ann Merce. Religions 13, no. 4 (March 31, 2022): 1-15.
“The Unseen Toll of a Warming World”
By Sarah Kerr, Noah Throop, Jack Healy, Aidan Gardiner, and Rebecca Lieberman. New York Times. March 9, 2022.
“Social Media May Contribute to Eco-Distress: The Role of Nature Relatedness as Both Causal Mechanism and Protective Factor”
By Crystal Smith, Andrew Allen, and Lee Kannis-Dymand. Ecopsychology (March 2022): 17- 29.

“The best ways to teach and talk about climate change with kids”
By Mary Democker. Popular Science. February 23, 2022.
“Yale’s Happiness Professor Says Anxiety Is Destroying Her Students”
By David Marchese. New York Times. February 18, 2022.
“Can religion and faith combat eco-despair?”
By Rita Sherma. The Conversation. February 17, 2022.
“Climate Change Enters the Therapy Room”
By Ellen Barry. New York Times. February 6, 2022.
“Facing our Climate Feelings Together”
By Blair Nelsen. Earth & Altar. February 2, 2022.
“Toward a Taxonomy of Climate Emotions”
By Panu Pihkala. Frontiers in Climate. January 14, 2022.
“As COP26 gathers, faith-based environmentalists fight eco-grief”
By Elizabeth E. Evans. Religion News Service. EarthBeat. November 4, 2021.

“At 22, This Young Activist Has Found Ways To Channel Her Eco-Anxiety Into Action”
By Emily Chan. Vogue. November 1, 2021.
“Prioritizing Mental Wellness in Climate Change Education”
By Nicole Howard. Climate XChange. October 28, 2021.
“SCPN Spotlight: Jerilyn Lopez Mendoza on Climate Activism and Making Space for Self-Care”
By Kortni Washington. Climate XChange. October 27, 2021.
“Specters of Sorrow: Eco-Grief, Ambiguous Loss, and Religious Creativity”
By Jacob J. Erickson. Counterpoint Knowledge. June 24, 2021.

“The Anatomy of Inaction – Climate Complexity Change”
“Climate Complexity Change,” unpsychology magazine, Issue 7, Spring 2021.

“Why Emotionally Intelligent Climate Work Matters”
By Britt Wray. Gen Dread. January 6, 2021.
“COVID-19 Crisis Blog: Are we there yet? Beyond Apocalypse Fatigue and the New Normal”
By Jacob J. Erickson. Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin. May 26, 2020.
“A Climate Grief, Observed: Transforming Our Ecologies and Theologies of Magical Thinking”
By Jacob J. Erickson. Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs. April 16, 2020.
“Climate grief: How we mourn a changing planet”
By Panu Pihkala. BBC. April 2, 2020.
“So Your Kids Are Stressed Out About the Climate Crisis”
By Mary DeMocker. Sierra. January 25, 2020.
“The Rise of Eco-Anxiety”
By Lauren Dockett. Psychotherapy Networker. January/February 2019.

Take Heart Book Launch
With Kathleen Dean Moore and Bob Haverluck. Spring Creek Project. June 1, 2022.

“Coping with ecoGrief: What It Is, How to Cope”
With Hannah Malcolm. ecoAmerica. April 8, 2022. 

“Collective Trauma and Climate Change”
With Pat McCabe. Pocket Project @ COP26. November 3, 2021.

“How to turn climate anxiety into action”
With Renée Lertzman. TEDWomen. December 2019.

“Addressing Climate Fears in Therapy”
Interview with Patricia Hasbach by Lauren Dockett. Psychotherapy Networker. February 11, 2019.


“The Challenge of Climate Change”
interview with Thomas Hübl by Brian Weinberg. March 27, 2018.

With Renée Lertzman. TEDWomen. December 2019.


“Climate Change and Happiness”
Podcast series with Thomas Doherty and Panu Pihkala

“Tonglen for Eco-Anxiety”
Guided meditation with Dekila Chungyalpa. Center for Healthy Minds. University of Wisconsin-Madison.
“Seeds, Grief, and Memory”
Podcast with Rowen White. Finding Your Way. May 24, 2021.

Good Grief Network  
Eco-anxiety and Hope
Blog by Panu Pihkala
“Resources for working with climate emotions”
The All We Can Save Project. See also the “All We Can Save Circles.”
Certificate Program:
Climate Psychology Certificate
Online through the California Institute of Integral Studies

“Grief and Resistance: Theological Responses to Climate Change”
Russel Powell. Boston College. Fall 2021.