Podcast series

Climate Change and Happiness”
Podcast series with Thomas Doherty and Panu Pihkala

“How to Save A Planet”
Podcast series hosted by Alex Blumberg and Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson 
“Outrage and Optimism”
Podcast series hosted by Christina Figueres, Tom-Rivett Carnac, and Paul Dickinson 
“Climate and You”
Podcast series hosted by Domyo Burk

Individual Episodes

“Environmentalist Bill McKibben discusses climate anxiety and overcoming inaction”
By Mikaela Lefrak, Andrea Laurion, and Sophie Stephens. Vermont Public Republic. September 14, 2023.
“Eco-anxiety: concern about climate change”
By Chris Smith. The Naked Scientists. April 13, 2023.
“What Could Possibly Go Right?”
Resilience podcast with Joanna Macy and Vicki Robin. October 25, 2022.
“Religion, Ecology, and the Future”
The Great Simplification podcast with Mary Evelyn Tucker and Nate Hagens. October 12, 2022.
“Environmental and climate change education, climate anxiety ahead of National Public Lands Day”
WGCU – PBS and NPR. September 20, 2022.
“Britain's new PM, confronting eco-anxiety”
Green Biz. September 9, 2022.
“Seeds, Grief, and Memory”
With Rowen White. Finding Your Way. May 24, 2021.