In the overview essay, James Miller gives us a broad sketch of the Daoist view of the Earth and cosmos and illustrates why Daoism is ecological at its essence. Daoist cosmological concepts of “the individual as a celestial being” in harmony with the universe and “the universe [as] a single, vital organism, not created according to some fixed principle but spontaneously regenerating itself” show why it is challenging for the Western-trained mind to fully grasp the Daoist perspective on the environmental issue, but can also provide great hope and a source of sublime interconnectedness and a vision for harmonious cosmic unity.



Overview Essay

“Daoism and Ecology” by James Miller of Duke Kunshan University gives a look at Daoist cosmology and its implications for the environmental crisis.

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This listing by James Miller of Duke Kunshan University provides a wealth of resources on this topic from the 1970s to the present day.


This statement comes from The China Daoist Association, the leading body representing all Daoists in mainland China. This piece is an authoritative statement by the Association.

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Header photo credit: ©John Grim, Golden-hat Daoist priest leading a healing ritual for a family in Taipei, Taiwan