Here is a list of sites for further exploration and investigation. This list is by no means exhaustive. For more, see the Engaged Projects page. The Forum on Religion and Ecology does not support or endorse any organizations listed here or in the Engaged Projects. Links are provided as possible research opportunities.



Daoists pledge to protect sacred landscapes”
Alliance of Religions and Conservation

“Daoism and the Construction of Sustainable Societies”
By Clara Calabuig. Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development. September 26, 2019.

Taoist monks find new role as environmentalists”
By Denise Hruby. Sixth Tone. March 6, 2017.


General Daoism Links
Center of Traditional Taoist Studies
Healing Tao Holland
Pluralism Project

Header photo credit: Statues at Taiqing gong (Palace of Great Clarity) in honor of Lord Lao in Luyi, Henan province. ©Helene Minot, Courtesy of Livia Kohn