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News articles, podcasts, and other online media that mention the courses. 

The Walk Along Prospect Street: Spotlighting the Unique Connection between the Yale School of the Environment and the Yale Divinity School.” Yale Daily News, May 31, 2022. 

Religion and Ecology MOOCs with Sam King.” FORE Spotlights podcast with Sam Mickey, April 11, 2022. 

Every Major Faith Tradition Has the Resources to Tackle Climate Change.” By Bill McKibben. Sojourners Magazine, March 2022.

Yale Hosts Free Online Courses on Intersection of Religion and Ecology.” Yale Daily News, January 27, 2022.

Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology Announces New Online Courses through Yale/Coursera.” Parliament of the World's Religions, January 20, 2022. 

25 Most Popular Online Courses Starting in February 2022.” The Report, from Class Central, January 18, 2022. 

Religions and Ecology: Six Massive Open Online Courses from Yale and Coursera.” Episcopal News Service, January 11, 2022. 

Coursera Testimonials

Public reviews on the courses from registered Coursera learners. You'll find many more on the Coursera site. 

Introduction to Religions and Ecology

4 Feb 2022
I appreciate how up to date the resources and articles were for this course. There were powerful links to unfolding ecological moments in the news that happened during the course. I also appreciated the strong connection that climate justice is social justice. The end of the course in particular was attentive to the way race, gender, and class were folded into the dynamics of ecological impact on the climate. Rather than bifurcating the interests of peoples and place, they presented an integrated view of interdependence and belonging that resisted many of the double binds and false choices of our age. Thank you for the sweeping historical foundation to continue on with the other courses. I can't wait!
15 Apr 2022
 A great introduction to how religion and spirituality can play a role in Ecology. A must take course for anyone who wants to understand this intricate relationship and wants to be an Earth Guardian themselves.
7 Mar 2022
I loved the content of the course. I am falling in love with this field of study, Religions and Ecology and I hope that this course will continue to inspire many people.

18 May 2022
A tremendous introduction to Religions and Ecology - A MUST for anyone interested in either!

Western Religions and Ecology

18 May 2022
This course offered an extensive overview of the historical roots of all three Abrahamic religions–Judaism, Christianity & Islam. It also showed how these three traditions–considered to be anthropocentric–are also very ecologically conscious. It was a very interesting course.
14 Sep 2022

 28 Jan 2022
 Fantastic. I will certainly complete the Specialization. :-)

East Asian Religions and Ecology

11 May 2022
The course on East Asian religions and ecology was very illuminating. I learned a lot about Confucianism and Daoism, plus, I was able to see how different the expression of Buddhism is in East Asia, compared to where it originated in South Asia. I also loved learning about Shinto and Korean Shamanism; and how all these diverse religions either subtly or more forcefully champion the cause of ecological protection.

 Indigenous Religions and Ecology

 15 Apr 2022
 Absolutely brilliant! I loved learning about so many rich indigenous cultures. So many of the
 topics brought tears to my eyes - as my heart filled with awe and respect for indigenous love of
 nature; and the ravages of colonialism and settler colonial populations. A must take course.
13 Jul 2022
 Very well-presented and informative. Thank you.