2023 Climate Articles

The faith leaders fighting for the climate: ‘we have a moral obligation’
By Nina Lakhani
The Guardian
December 23, 2023

Catholic teaching and US bishops' investment guidelines demand divestment. CTSA shows how.
By Daniel R. Dileo and Erin Lothes
December 15, 2023

Sacred Stewardship: The Moral Imperative of Religious Leaders in Climate Advocacy
By Kristian Alexander
Modern Diplomacy
December 14, 2023

Indigenous voices at COP28: “We implore all of humanity to unite with a single objective: to declare, “Enough is enough”
Climate Champions
December 10, 2023

COP28: 'My religion inspires me to protect the environment'
By Tania Sangha
December 4, 2023

From afar, Pope Francis helps inaugurate first-ever Faith Pavilion at UN climate summit
By Brian Roewe
December 4, 2023

Pope Francis to COP28: ‘Choose life, choose the future!’
By Linda Bordoni
Vatican News
December 2, 2023

US bishops on COP28: Decarbonization is 'preeminent environmental challenge'
By Brian Roewe
November 30, 2023

Preserving the Abodes of Tibetan Buddhist Deities
By Bikash K. Bhattacharya
Earth Island Journal
November 21, 2023

Global Faith Leaders Summit, Abu Dhabi 2023
Muslim Council of Elders newsletter
November 20, 2023
COP28 to have first-ever 'Faith Pavilion' at a UN climate summit
By Adelle M. Banks
November 13, 2023
A moral voice and spiritual authority in climate conversations
November 10, 2023  
Adamah Detroit Summit: Climate Action with Jewish Values
By Ashley Zlatopolsky
The Detroit Jewish News
November 9, 2023
Religions call on COP28 for climate pledge accountability, rapid shift to clean energy
By Brian Roewe
November 9, 2023
A Historic Global Faith Leaders' Summit
Faith for Earth
November 9, 2023
Vatican joins interfaith declaration on fighting climate change
By Hannah Brockhaus
Catholic News Agency
November 8, 2023
How ‘Confluence of Conscience’ Enhances the Role of Religions in Tackling Climate Change
By Ebtesam Al-Ketbi
Emirates Policy Center
November 6, 2023

Secretary-General's video message to the “Confluence Of Conscience: Uniting Faith Leaders For Planetary Resurgence” Conference
United Nations
November 6, 2023
This Indigenous Community Records the Climate Change That Is Causing Their Town to Erode Away
By Jocie Bentley
Scientific American
October 9, 2023
Her antidote for 'climate grief' and a shrinking Great Salt Lake? Don't look away
By Rachel Martin
October 8, 2023

These religious leaders say climate change is impacting the future of religion
By Zena Chamas
October 7, 2023

The history of the climate movement is very white’: how youth campaigners took on a mining giant and won
By Eden Gillespie
The Guardian
October 7, 2023

What Different Faith Traditions Believe About Climate Change
By Clemente Lisi
Religion Unplugged
October 5, 2023
Catholic action on climate issue must continue, advocates say
By Chris Herlinger
September 28, 2023
Considering the spiritual roots of ecophobia amid climate change
By Daniel P. Horan
National Catholic Reporter
September 21, 2023
How Indigenous knowledge could help tackle climate change
By Sorcha Bradley
The Week
September 14, 2023
Meet the Jewish Composers Tackling Climate Grief With Song
By Lindsay Eanet
September 8, 2023
At African Climate Summit, Faith Leaders Join Demands for Climate Justice
By Fredrick Nzwili, Religion News Service
Word & Way
September 7, 2023

50 climate leaders driving fresh solutions to our planet’s biggest problems
September 2023
Solidarity, friendship and faith in climate justice
By Rosh Lal
Quakers in Britain
August 31, 2023

Q&A: Dorothy Fortenberry on climate change, changed relationships in ‘Extrapolations’
By Stephanie Clary
August 29, 2023

New dawn for Arctic’s first people: the Inuit plan to reclaim their sea
By Ossie Michelin
The Guardian
August 27, 2023
Blair Nelsen: Finding the divine in the face of climate change
By Joseph Becker
Yale Divinity School
August 25, 2023
Young Evangelical Activists Face a Key Climate Barrier: Their Elders
By Bekah McNeel
August 23, 2023
Climate action requires interfaith collaboration
National Catholic Reporter
August 23, 2023
A climate focus at the Parliament of the World's Religions
By Stephanie Clary
August 18, 2023

Threat from climate change to some of India’s sacred pilgrimage sites is reshaping religious beliefs
By David L. Haberman
The Conversation
August 15, 2023
Europe’s Green Deal addresses climate change, but does it reach Pope Francis’ vision of ‘integral ecology’?
By Bridget Ryder
America: The Jesuit Review
August 10, 2023

Jesuit university divests from fossil fuels after a six-year process
By Daniel Payne
Catholic News Agency
August 10, 2023

Three new studies on Indigenous conservation for International Indigenous Peoples Day
By Sandra Cuffe
August 9, 2023
Shaligrams, the sacred fossils that have been worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists for over 2,000 years, are becoming rarer because of climate change
By Holly Walters
The Conversation
August 4, 2023
Pope gets an electrifying World Youth Day welcome and urges fighting for economic justice, climate
By Nicole Winfield, Barry Hatton, and Helena Alves
ABC News
August 3, 2023
Sing to Survive: New Jewish Songbook Combats Climate Crisis
By Ella Marx
Moment Magazine
July 24, 2023

Conference on Congregations’ Climate ‘Resilience’ Turns to Speaking Up for Climate Justice
By Cynthia B. Astle
United Methodist Insight
July 19, 2023

Young Jews are demanding action on climate change
By Shira Nathan
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
July 14, 2023

The End of This World: Indigenous rights and sovereignty, climate justice, and creating a better future for us all
By Suzanne Rent
Halifax Examiner
July 12, 2023

A Future We Can Love: Susan Bauer-Wu Offers a Buddhist Perspective on the Climate Crisis
By Nachaya Campbell-Allen
Buddhistdoor Global
June 23, 2023
The Church of England has lost faith in oil and gas companies
By Sofia Lotto Persio
June 23, 2023

Two Church of England investment bodies announce they will divest from fossil fuels
Episcopal News Service
June 22, 2023
The Catholic cartographer who wants to help the church fight climate change
By Whitney Bauck
Technology Review
June 22, 2023
Let’s Accept Climate Science — And Also Reimagine Our Relationship to the Earth
By Kwolanne Felix
June 17, 2023
What climate activism means to 3 generations of this Indigenous family
CBC News
June 15, 2023
Spirituality, global warming, and grief: How clergy can help tackle climate anxiety
By Rebecca Randall
June 9, 2023
Forest recognition for Papua tribe raises hopes for climate
By Peter Yeung
June 8, 2023
With Franciscan sisters' $1.5 million gift, Network to take on climate lobbying
By Marybeth Christie Redmond
Global Sisters Report
June 6, 2023
Pope: We have responsibility before God to protect Common Home
By Deborah Castellano Lubov
Vatican News
June 5, 2023

The Indigenous future is today’: Brazil’s Free Land Camp
By Pê Magalhães
Landscape News
May 29, 2023
Canadian Christians Launch Collective for Climate Action
By Adam Macinnis
Christianity Today
May 26, 2023
How protests that double as trainings are growing this fossil fuel divestment campaign
By Ray Bailey
Nation of Change
May 26, 2023
Sisters in Dialogue urge action to protect biodiversity and the environment
By Sister Maamlifar Poreku, MSOLA
Vatican News
May 23, 2023
‘We Need a Plan’: A Young Chief Helps His Tribe Navigate the Climate Crisis
By Zoe Dutton
Who What Why
May 23, 2023
Buddhist network's environment representative says interfaith work is essential
World Council of Churches
May 17, 2023
New Indonesia climate fund backs Indigenous forest guardians
The Star
May 13, 2023

Jewish, Black climate activist fights for 'intersectional climate justice'
By Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman
Jerusalem Post
May 6, 2023

Ecological Principles and the Climate Crisis in Buddhism
By Basu Gautam
My Republica
May 4, 2023

Jewish institutions awaken to climate crisis, with hundreds pledging action
By Asaf Elia-Shalev
Jerusalem Post
May 4, 2023

Funding the Earth's keepers: The need for Indigenous climate philanthropy
By Chase DiBenedetto
May 4, 2023

Villanova’s Catholic Values Warrant Environmental Progress
By Majo James
The Villanovan
May 3, 2023

Christian climate protestors proclaim no faith in fossil fuels
United Reformed Church
May 2, 2023

The new generation’s task is simply to save our planet
By Rabbi Michael Cohen
April 30, 2023
How religious groups are fighting climate change, and one man who is helping direct their substantial assets into beneficial projects
By Kylie Knott
South China Morning Post
April 29, 2023 

'Everything is connected': How sisters are responding to the climate crisis
By The Life Panelists
Global Sisters Report
April 24, 2023
Jewish environmental organizations help Jews cope with ‘climate anxiety’
By Ruben Brosbe
eJewish Philanthropy
April 21, 2023
Three Practices to Combat Climate Grief
By Michael Kearney, Joanna Macy, Radhule Weininger, BJ Miller, and Balfour Mount
April 20, 2023

Indigenous People’s Knowledge, Insight Needed to Address Global Climate Crisis, Speakers Stress, as Permanent Forum Opens Session
United Nations
April 17, 2023

Muslims around the world consider climate during Ramadan
By Edna Tarigan and Mariam Fam
Washington Post
April 16, 2023
Passover in the shadow of the climate crisis
By Yosef Israel Abramowitz
Jerusalem Post
April 11, 2023

A Ramadan reflection on Islam and climate action
By Memona Hossain
April 11, 2023

A Composer’s Prayers for the Earth, and Humanity, in the Age of Climate Change
By Kiley Bense
Inside Climate News
April 8, 2023

The Climate Crisis is a Spiritual Crisis
By Anna K. Del Castillo and Maya Pace
The Harvard Crimson
April 6, 2023

How Buddhism can inform climate activism: a conversation with Kritee Kanko
By Nikayla Jefferson
Yale Climate Connections
March 29, 2023

I Am Haunted by What I Have Seen at Great Salt Lake
By Terry Tempest Williams
Photographs by Fazal Sheikh
New York Times
March 25, 2023

Fordham Theology Department Unveils New Fund To Aid Climate Change Efforts
By Stevie Fusco
Fordham Observer
March 23, 2023

Faith as a Pathway to Climate Action
By Anmol Irfan
Non-profit Quarterly
March 16, 2023
The priest risking jail to protest climate inaction
By Jessica Abrahams
March 1, 2023

Thunberg, Norwegian Sami Activists Demand Removal of Wind Turbines From Indigenous Lands
By Julia Conley
Common Dreams
February 27, 2023

The deadly costs for Mexico’s Indigenous communities fighting climate change
By Rafael E. Lozano and Anjan Sundaram
Los Angeles Times
February 26, 2023

The Christian case for fighting climate change is being tested in Eastern Oregon
By Antonio Sierra
February 25, 2023

On the Frontlines in a ‘Cancer Alley,’ Black Women Inspired by Faith Are Powering the Environmental Justice Movement
By James Bruggers
Inside Climate News
February 20, 2023

10 Principles for Environmental Preaching: How to Craft Eco-Sermons
By Leah D. Schade
February 19, 2023

An Indigenous perspective on climate change: Shoshone Nation leader shares insights at Colorado Mountain College
By Carolyn Paletta
Vail Daily
February 18, 2023

Christian climate activist challenges church to take action
By Kathryn Post
Religion News Service
February 17, 2023

Climate Action Collaborative: Indigenous peoples and traditional ecological knowledge
By Gina McCrackin
Vail Daily
February 15, 2023 

What tools do Jewish institutions have to fight climate change?
By Rabbi Jennie Rosenn
Jerusalem Post
February 4, 2023

Yale Institute of Sacred Music launches multi-disciplinary ecology and arts initiative
By Hanwen Zhang
Yale News
February 3, 2023
Interfaith Conference Engages Young Faith Leaders on Climate Change
By Rebekah Ramlow
Duke Divinity School
January 2023

Eco-anxious? Here’s how Judaism can help us face the climate crisis
By Rabbi Laura Bellows
J. The Jewish News of Northern California
January 27, 2023
Rekindling the Practice of Cultural Burning: An Act of Climate Hope
By Tara Lohan
The Revelator
January 23, 2023  

How Indigenous Peoples are leading the way on global biodiversity protection
By Ben Powless
Canadian Geographic
January 16, 2023

The challenge of 2023: Upholding faith, social action, and global advocacy on ecological justice
January 4, 2023

Can the World’s Religions Help Save Us from Ecological Peril?
By Paul Hond
Columbia Magazine
Winter 2022-23

The first green pope: How Benedict's eco-theology paved the way for Francis
By Brian Roewe
January 4, 2023