2024 Laudato Si’ Articles

Below you will find a listing of news articles for the current year, related to Laudato Si'.

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We are all called to be contemplative. Our planet needs it.
By Christina Leano
May 20, 2024

Holy See should champion Action for Climate Empowerment fund at COP29
By John Leo Algo
May 8, 2024

Inspired by Laudato Si', Catholics in Bangladesh work to protect environment
By Stephan Uttom Rozario
May 6, 2024

'Love of neighbor at a global scale’: Dioceses launch faith-driven environmental programs
By Daniel Payne
Catholic News Agency
May 6, 2024

Laudato Si’ action platform basis of new ministry in Seattle
By John Lavenburg
Crux Now
April 23, 2024

“ASSISI Terra Laudato Si’” launched on Earth Day
Laudato Si’ Movement
April 22, 2024

U.S. Catholics say environmental justice important, but most unaware of ‘Laudato Si’’
By Gina Christian
Catholic Standard
March 29, 2024

Syracuse Catholic parish wins national environmental prize
By Camillo Barone
March 19, 2024

New edition of Laudato Si' Animators Course
Independent Catholic News
March 7, 2024

Islamic scholars call Muslim nations to cut fossil fuels, echoing Laudato Si'
By Brian Roewe
February 28, 2024

US church failing on pope's climate goals, bishops say at private conference
By Christopher White
February 27, 2024

This liberation theologian was once silenced by the Vatican. In the Laudato Si’ era, he’s getting a second look.
By James T. Keane
America: The Jesuit Review
January 30, 2024

A Baton Rouge church is localizing efforts to put Pope's words to action
By Lauren Cheramie
January 29, 2024