Weaving a Silence: Contemplating Earth and all the Stars

Event description: 

First Mondays in January - December 2024.

Online at 2am EST

Facilitators - Judith Keller and Gerard Sullivan Register by emailing jdancerk@gmail.com or gedsull@gmail.com

You are welcome to join our monthly online contemplative evolutionary prayer/meditation community. We are earth lovers, climate change activists, lovers of eco-poetry, spiritual companions, friends of silence, sacred dancers, eco-artists, spiritual leaders, cosmic creatives, mystics and contemplatives. We are committed to realising the mutuality of contemplative practice and ecological practice, deepening our sense of kinship/inter-being as humans and the more than human within an unfolding universe. In 2024 we are facilitating the following series into which we weave 20 minutes of silence in each online session:

1. Breathe in the Sounds of Earth Community - 1st Mondays - Jan-March, 2024.

2. Evolving Meditation - 1st Mondays - April - September, 2024. We will draw on brief selections from Brian Swimme’s book, Cosmogenesis interwoven with music, silence, prayer and poetry. On 3rd Mondays over these months our sessions will be inspired by the meditations, prayers and blessings associated with Christine Valters Paintner’s book, Earth Our Original Monastery.

3. Mystics in a Mindful Universe - 1st Mondays - October - December, 2024: Sensing the Ground with Meister Eckhart; In One Unending Circle with Hildegard of Bingen, and The Joy of the Cosmic Dance with Thomas Merton.

Judith and Gerard live at Southport in Qld, Australia. They share professional academic backgrounds in teaching theology, religious education, & Christian spirituality and the arts. They are experienced facilitators of online contemplative practice in small groups and are members of ANSD, ARRCC and the Brisbane Laudato Si’ Circle. They welcome your companionship online monthly, or whenever you can join them.

Register by email to receive the ZOOM connections. There is no cost.

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