Sacred Earth: Growing Beloved Community through the Universe Story and Sacred Ritual, with Mary Evelyn Tucker

Event description: 

June 8, 2023

Online at 10pm EDT

In this webcast, Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, Co-Director of the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale and global visionary, hosted by Bishop Marc Andrus and Dr. Paloma Pavel, will explore the Universe Story, the Cosmic Walk, and Eco-Confirmation. They will be joined by Caren Miles who coordinates Eco- Confirmation within the diocese incorporating the Cosmic Walk. Professor Tucker has joint appointments at Yale’s School of the Environment and the Yale Divinity School. She convened ten Harvard conferences on world religions and the environment and authored a definitive biography of her mentor,  Thomas Berry (Thomas Berry: A Biography). She co-authored Journey of the Universe with Brian Thomas Swimme, a book and film that offers an outline of “the universe story”—a moving narrative of cosmic evolution from the origins of the cosmos until our present moment. Our guest musician is Benjamin Mertz, who was raised in the Episcopal Church and has served as music director in many congregations. Benjamin is a composer, performer, and song leader who specializes in music of the Black Spiritual tradition.

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