River of Life: Connecticut River Pilgrimage, 2017

Event description: 

40-days of Pilgrimage from May 31 to July 9, 2017…

…join us for a day, several days, a week, or the entire journey!


Even if you don’t paddle, on the Connecticut River or on another lake or river, you can participate through this daily prayer book:

Weekly schedule

May 31 – June 10:
4th Connecticut Lake (northern NH) to Littleton, NH
Spiritual theme: The Call to the Wilderness / Water, Grace & The River of God

June 10 – June 17:
Littleton, NH to Hanover, NH
Spiritual theme: Baptism and Immersion in God

June 17 – June 24:
Hanover, NH to Brattleboro, VT
Spiritual theme: A New Relationship with Creation

June 24 – July 1:
Brattleboro, VT to Springfield, MA
Spiritual theme: Drinking from our Divine Source

July 1 – July 9:
Springfield, MA to Long Island Sound
Spiritual theme: Transformation and Resurrection