Religious Naturalism, Emergence, and Science: A Counterpoint Conversation

Event description: 

September 6, 2023

Online at 1:00-2:30pm EDT

Conversation Partners: Ursula Goodenough and Terrence Deacon

Biologist Ursula Goodenough published the first edition of The Sacred Depths of Nature in 1998. The second edition, published in 2023 by Oxford University Press, is extensively revised to incorporate the many changes in science, culture, and planetary perspectives that have occurred over the last 25 years. She and neuroscientist Terrence Deacon have written extensively about the philosophical / evolutionary idea of emergence in nature, a form of materialism in which novel and more complex levels of organization and life emerge out of levels “below” them, a way of getting something else from nothing but. In this conversation, Deacon and Goodenough will talk about what has changed in the last 25 years, what the implications are for these changes in terms of thinking about some type of a “religious naturalist orientation,” and what all this might mean for the future of the planetary community in an era of climate change and the attendant environmental issues. 
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