On Trees: A Conversation with Peter Wohlleben, Jessica J. Lee, and Sumana Roy

Event description: 

January 11, 2022

Webinar at 1:00pm EST

The Forest School at the Yale School of the Environment and Orion Magazine present a second event in a series to celebrate Orion’s new anthology, Old Growth.


Jessica J. Lee is a British-Canadian-Taiwanese environmental historian and author, most recently, of Two Trees Make a Forest. She is the founding editor of The Willowherb Review and a researcher at the University of Cambridge.

Sumana Roy is the author of How I Became a Tree, Missing: A Novel, Out of Syllabus: Poems, and My Mother’s Lover and Other Stories. She teaches at Ashoka University in Haryana, India.

Peter Wohlleben is the author of numerous books about the natural world including the New York Times bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees, The Inner Lives of Animals, and The Secret Wisdom of Nature, which together make up his bestselling The Mysteries of Nature Series. He runs an environmentally-friendly woodland in Germany, where he is working for the return of forests.


Mary Evelyn Tucker teaches at the Yale School of the Environment and the Yale Divinity School and co-directs the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology with John Grim. Together they have written Ecology and Religion and created six online classes on Coursera titled “Religions and Ecology: Restoring the Earth Community.”

This event is hosted by Orion Magazine, The Forest School at the Yale School of the Environment, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, Yale Forest Forum, and Yale Environmental Humanities. Contact yff@yale.edu with questions.

The webinar will be recorded and made available after the event.

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