Multispecies Methods Research Symposium: Intuitive Interspecies Communication

Event description: 

April - May 2023

Online symposium hosted by University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability

The precarity of this time demands a radical shift in human activity and reorientation toward the bio-systems that sustain us. Many individuals from all walks of life are recognizing that they can communicate with the  more-than-human, and are using these skills to reorient relations and solve practical problems.

The 2nd International Multispecies Methods Research Symposium is a unique academic-practitioner event that brings together scholars, artists, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, animal care providers, and animal communicators to share knowledge, ideas, and build a multi-sectoral and multispecies research community. Focusing on intuitive interspecies communication (IIC), our purpose is to share knowledge and build collaborations to support research that furthers dialogue between animals and the more-than-human world.

April - May 2023 with live online events May 8-12 (recordings available)

Event Website and Registration

Background Paper: ‘Speaking’ with other animals through intuitive interspecies communication: Towards cognitive and interspecies justice

This is a trans-disciplinary initiative drawing on research funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. We welcome all interested academics, practitioners, and others who would like to collaborate to advance the field of intuitive interspecies communication.

Symposium registration includes 1-year access to an online platform that provides many networking opportunities for event attendees.