Intersections: Faith and the New Cosmology

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June 26-30, 2017

Monday dinner through Friday lunch

Santa Sabina Center
25 Magnolia Ave.
San Rafael, CA, USA

•    Heather Eaton
•    Anne Marie Dalton
•    John Haught
•    guest appearance by Brian Swimme

Advisers:  Jim Conlon, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Brian Swimme

Facilitator of the retreat / symposium:  Margaret Galiardi, OP

Participants are invited to use inquiry, theological reflection, dialogue and personal prayer as a means of integrating our current expanding understanding of the Cosmos with our faith response. Our guest presenters will each focus on a theme and develop it as part of a more complete engagement with the intersection of our expanding consciousness and understanding of the Cosmos, our place in it and our respective faith stance. This symposium/ retreat is open to persons of all faiths though a Christian orientation will be evident. It is recommended that participants be familiar with the New Cosmology/the New Story, i.e. the evolutionary reality of our Universe.

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Fee: $695.
Register by May 1, for a discounted fee: $625.
Registration deposit: $250


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