Holding Our Planet

Event description: 

November 12-17, 2023

Garrison Institute
14 Mary's Way, Route 9D
Garrison, NY, USA

This teaching retreat will be aimed at mature contemplatives of all spiritual pathways who are deeply concerned about the global crisis (cultural, ecological) imperiling our continued human existence on the planet and who wish to deepen their capacity to bring “skillful means” to the situation: forbearance, strength, compassion, right timing, spiritual generativity, and personal mettle. Daily teaching will be augmented by sustained work in core spiritual practices: the generation of necessary spiritual “nutrients” (such as faith, hope, trust, love); imaginal exchange, “cosmic dialysis” (a.k.a., tonglen), “prayer with moxie,” surrender, non-identification. Practices will draw from the classic repertory of the contemplative spiritual traditions as well as imaginal exercises emerging from the Gurdjieff work, first pioneered in Paris as he and his group held the line for the planet during the darkest days of the Nazi occupation.

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