Hinduism & Ethics of Creation Care

Event description: 

October 3, 2022

Online at 5pm EDT

Speaker: Dr. Pankaj Jain
Respondent: Professor Cybelle Shattuck
Moderator: Dr. Robert A. Hunt

Partners: The Interfaith Council of Thanks-Giving Square, Dallas Holocaust, and Human Rights Museum & SMU Perkins School of Theology.

Co-Sponsors: The SMU Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life & The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Cultures

Watch the recording here:

The Interfaith Council of Thanks-Giving Square and its partners and co-sponsors listed below are pleased to present the 2022-23 Faiths In Conversation Series titled, ‘Religion & Ethics of Creation Care’.  This is a 6 part monthly series featuring scholars representing Judaism, Buddhism, Native Americans, Islam, Christianity & Hindusim. Speakers from different religious traditions will explain how their religious tradition understands the ethics of creation care. In addition to addressing the value of creation in itself,  of particular concern will be the relationship of creation care to human dignity, economic justice, and migration stimulated by changes in the climate. Participants will learn how each religion understands what it means to be human in relation to the rest of the natural world, and the particular responsibilities of humans toward the natural world and their fellow humans. Each presentation will be followed by a brief response and the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker.