Environmental Joy: Exploring the transformative solutions of environmental justice communities

Event description: 

October 27-28, 2023

Yale University
New Haven, CT, USA

Hybrid conference via Zoom

5th Annual Environmental Justice Conference

You are invited to the 2023 Environmental Justice Conference focusing on Environmental Joy! The Yale Center for Environmental Justice is pleased to partner again with USAID to host this year's conference.
The work of environmental justice communities around the world would not be possible without the element of joy – how joy holds communities together in the face of injustice and adversity, how the search for well-being and joy powers community innovation, how resilience, survival, and even thriving all serve as deep resources that power big change.

Environmental Joy will be a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural exploration and celebration of these practices. The conference will make plain how practices and experiences of joy are core to the work of indigenous and environmental justice communities everywhere. And how they hold the key to solving our most pressing environmental challenges.

The Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology is pleased to be one of the sponsors of this exciting event.

Contact kristin.barendregt-ludwig@yale.edu.

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