Ecology of Awakening Immersion Retreat

Event description: 

August 2-6, 2017

With Kerry Brady, Kristin Rothballer, and Brock Dolman

Private Retreat Center
Occidental, CA, USA

Endorsement by Brian Thomas Swimme:

“Kerry Brady is a leader in the planetary work of reinventing the human so that its presence to the planet becomes a blessing rather than a destructive force for all life. Her Ecology of Awakening program is designed to evoke an integral consciousness rooted in the ecological interdependence of humanity with Earth systems. The educational processes Kerry utilizes are fully grounded in contemporary science as well as the sensorial, intuitive, mythic, poetic, and nonrational dimensions of human consciousness. Participants in her programs speak of being reborn, of entering a new and more vital form of consciousness. It is not too much to assert that they are entering a new era of human history. I know of no other person who is a more effective midwife for this profound transformation than Kerry Brady. I say this with confidence as Kerry and I have co-taught our Nature and Eros course to graduate students at the California Institute of Integral Studies for 17 consecutive years! Kerry’s work should be considered a national treasure.”